6 Traits That Predict Real Estate Investing Success

Investment Strategies
When you get started in real estate investing, you often don’t know what you’re doing. Is this deal going to work out? Am I choosing the right materials for my flip or BRRRR? Will this appraise at what I need it to? All these types of questions can flow through a rookie investor’s mind in the first months or even years of investing. But, if you’re making the right progress and doing what needs to be done, you’re probably miles ahead of the competition.

Today we talk to Brian Davila, a real estate investor and coach who helps his students answer the same questions like the ones above. Brian has identified the six key traits of a successful real estate investor. You may have been born with some of these, but almost every real estate investor needs to make a conscious effort to become a master of all six.

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7 Personality Traits to Cultivate for Success in Real Estate:

7 Personality Traits to Cultivate for Success in Real Estate

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Episode 113

Show notes at: https://www.biggerpockets.com/rookie113

0:00 Intro
2:11 Developing the 6 Traits
3:24 #1 Risk Taking
8:29 #2 Problem Solving
9:49 #3 Resourcefulness
13:20 Benefiting by Doing What Others Won’t
18:23 #4 Keeping Focus
23:55 #5 Developing Social Skills
31:16 #6 Having Faith
39:59 Mindset Segment
43:19 Rookie Request Line
48:01 Rookie Rockstar

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