The Housing Market Crisis is SHIFTING in Two Directions! | Good News For Home buyers

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The housing market crisis has been a topic that many have asked about. Millions are wondering when will house prices cool down and become more realistic. A huge push to the economy and specifically speaking the housing market was the mortgage forbearances, eviction moratoriums and Stimulus packages that were given. Now that many of these expiring, many are starting to believe things will cool down.

Millions of people are hoping for a housing market crash to happen so house prices can go down. There isn’t much opportunity for many home buyers and house prices are becoming unaffordable.

Two houses listed in a market that I like to look at one being $385,000 and the other being $375,000. In this video I share with you how much they sold for and you will NOT believe it. Competition is still strong in certain areas and offers are still being sent with ridiculous numbers. On the flip side, I am seeing many areas loose steam.

I have been seeing a ton of homes do price reductions, take longer to sell on the market and even fall out of contract and go back on the market. This is all a sign for opportunity to buyers and those who have been on the sidelines. The more supply that comes into the market means the more options buyers will have. The more options buyers have the more negotiation buyers can do. Stay alert and ready because this housing market shift can happen overnight!

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