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Investment Strategies
Hey guys it’s Cody Sperber the Clever Investor here and today I want to go over the pros and cons of some of the top investing strategies in real estate for beginners! As a real estate investor there are so many different investing strategies at your disposal but which one is truly the best for you?

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#1 Wholesaling

Wholesaling real estate is actually how I got my start in real estate investing. You see wholesaling has a very low starting cost, you really just need a cellphone, a laptop, contracts and some internet access to get started. You don’t have to go to real estate school or have tons of experience to become a wholesaler. Basically this strategy is perfect for anyone getting started with little to no money. Expect with wholesaling comes things like a learning curve, high competition and TAXES! All of these are huge but with the right training and mentor, the impact can be reduced.

#2 Rehabbing

The biggest thing about rehabbing real estate is the payday! Rehabbing paydays are going to be much bigger than wholesaling paydays. In fact if you did just a couple rehab deals a year the payday could be a gamechanger, plus the rehabbing process can be very rewarding. Now the cons, most importantly: rehabbing is complicated. There’s lots of moving pieces, experience and training are so important when it comes to rehabbing. If there’s too many mistakes then there can be huge risks, but similarly to wholesaling, with the right training and mentor, the payday can be huge! Pretty much you can’t wing rehabbing real estate!

#3 Buy ‘N Hold

Buy ‘N hold is the true wealth building real estate investing strategy. The most important pro of buy ‘n hold is cash flow (aka mailbox money 🤑)! As a real estate investor or even just anyone in general, we always want cash flow and this real estate investing strategy is perfect for that. Plus, there’s major tax benefits when it comes to owning real estate and leverage! You can pair your money with OPM (Other People’s Money) and start buying a lot more real estate, and this how you can build long term sustainable wealth. But with so many great pros comes a few risks. If you’re trying to raise money you do need credibility, good credit, a good job and more. This does create higher barriers to get started but the cash flow and potential of building long term wealth makes it very worth it.

So which of these real estate investing strategies is right for you?

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Cody Sperber is a real estate investor, cryptocurrency investor, social media influencer, and entrepreneur from Arizona that has successfully flipped over 1000 houses and is currently one of the largest investment educators in the world. He’s been featured in Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post as well as on multiple episodes of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

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